How to revive skin and hair with natural products?

Today we can buy any kind of beauty products from everywhere – beauty shops, drug stores, even gas stations. Their variety is enormous. Our face, skin, body and hair indulge in shampoos, lotions, creams and revitalizing serums. Pharmaceutical industry invests more and more science and money to improve and make all these better, easy to apply, with no side effects and visible results.

But although these efforts, what if a person likes to use only products from the nature, with no chemical substances to freshen skin and hair. Is that possible at all? The answer is YES.

Here are some natural masks for hair growth and skin rejuvenation. They contain only organic elements.
To fight small wrinkles at eye and lip corners, we can use this simple mixture, prepared by following:
– ½ tsp. organic coconut oil / better melt it before use/;
– ½ tsp. yogurt / preferable goat but cow is suitable as well/;
– ½ tsp. fresh lemon juice.
Mix these altogether and apply on dry face for 30-40 min. Be careful when administer the mixture – it is not poisonous but can irritate if get into eyes. Rinse with warm water. No cream is necessary – coconut oil will make skin soft and smooth, milk and lemon will enlighten the complexion. Be persistent – make it 2 time a week and enjoy the result.

All we suffer from season changes – our hair does too. To stop hair-fall here is another useful method. This is one easy way to help our hair while sitting on a couch or do some house work.

To revive it we need:
– 2 tbsp. humus / organic earth clay/;
– ½ tbsp. fresh yeast – 15g;
– 1 tbsp. yogurt;
– 1 tbsp. coconut oil;
– 2 tbsp. warm water.

First mix the water and the fresh yeast until it gets bubbles. /Please bear in mind fresh yeast make colored hair to lose a few tones and uncolored hair lightens. /Then put the humus and stir well until is smooth, add yogurt and coconut oil. It has to be denser than pancake dough but not as paste for simple distribution on hair. Cover the head with bath cap and stay for 1 hour. Rinse with shampoo and hot water. Make it twice a week for better results.